The Endless Possibilities of Time Travel

Is time travel possible? Admit it; you have thought about traveling in time to go to the future or the past. Time travel has been romanticized in the media. It has been the topic of many fictional movies and books. There have been many theories that support the idea that time travel may be a possibility.

Black holes and wormholes have been thought to be portals that warp the space-time continuum. They are thought to be bridges between the present and the future. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is used to explain this concept. Einstein postulated that time is nothing but an illusion, and it only exists when it is being observed. If someone is traveling at the speed of light, they will experience time slower than someone who is at rest. Someone moving at such speeds may age slower than the people around them.

Another theory that Einstein came up with is the Theory of General Relativity. This theory talks about gravity as a tangible concept. It proposed that instead of a force, gravity may be the warping of space and time. The bridges between space-time may help propel us to the future as they are shortcuts through the fabric of physical reality. However, technology hasn’t advanced enough to be able to even go near a black hole or a wormhole.
Scientists have been scurrying to study these magnificent giants to prove these theories. Many suggest that time travel is possible due to gravity. This was inspired by the theories Einstein came up with. Time travel can also be done using speed. If you can move at the speed of light, you may end up in the future.

The twin theory, for example, states that an astronaut who travels nearly at the speed of light will be younger than their twin. “My experience of the passage of time is utterly normal to me. My clock’s tick at a normal rate, I age normally, and movies run at the right pace,” Levin states. “I’m no further into my future than normal, but I have traveled into my twin’s future.”
Does this mean that time travel is even possible? If so, what are the possibilities of it? There is so much we can do if we could traverse through the space-time continuum. We may travel to the past or to the future if certain technologies or portals exist. It can have positive and negative effects on the present. However, even if you move a rock in the past, it may have adverse or positive (you never know!) effects on the present.
Through traveling to the future, we can learn about certain technological concepts that are way beyond our time and introduce them to the present. We may also go into the past and change our circumstances. Some may introduce the technologies from the present to the people in the past to make their lives easier. You may even end up going to the past and meeting a grandparent who isn’t here anymore. Think about it; the possibilities are endless

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