What happens when a group of eight-year-olds finds themselves stuck between the present and the future? The naïve little terrified kids feel sick to the core as they struggle to think of what to do next. Fear engulfs their innocent little hearts as reality envelops their dainty selves. At the age where most children would usually be playing in the park, they are forced to witness and survive grave happenings. It’s a test of faith, time and the bond of friendship amongst them. Trapped, lost, hopeless and helpless, their lives take a sudden turn and changes forever.


The book “Tunnels to Tomorrow” by Thomas Lamia focuses on the aspects of fear and trauma and how both of them together tend to change a person forever. How even the naïve and innocent can transform and evolve for better or worse owing to the circumstances they are faced with. It’s the thrill of the read that will keep you glued to the book throughout. The elements of suspense, adventure, and challenges will take you on a roller coaster journey of different emotions. Delve into Thomas Lamia’s mind with his beautifully crafted plot in his latest book “Tunnels to Tomorrow.”

Like a derailed train, the children slithered through the snow under the mercy of gravity. They were only ten years old but their experiences had hit another age and level; a lot more than any other children’s ordinary adventure.
At first, the group found the tunnel to be strange and eerie. One of them took the lead and entered it. They followed the voices inside the tunnel as their curiosity had led them to its exploration. The tunnel felt never-ending, though.
The nature of horrifying circumstances that brought them together was not something one would predict as the starting point of a beautiful friendship. It was a bond that remained steadfast until the very end of their lives.
Although Ginny was now covered with tormenting bites and marks left by the blood-hungry insects, she selflessly ran back and forth to rescue each one of her friends and helped them up the ladder.


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