Knowing Your Future: Blessing Or A Curse?

Many people want to know what will happen in their futures. But if one decides to find out what is written for them, where should they go? There may be witches that look through a crystal ball and try to tell you what is in store for you and what isn’t. There are astrologists who tell us our horoscopes. And, of course, palmistry is on the rise as well. Humans have always been curious as to what their futures may look like.

Today, there are many movies and books whose plots revolve around the idea that we could know our future. We wonder if we will have any children in the future or if we might meet the love of our lives? Would we be successful in our careers? Will we win the lottery? However, this may be a blessing or a curse for us.

Have you wondered what kind of life you would be leading if you knew what was going to happen ahead? If you were to die in a freak accident in the future, it would be easier for us to prevent it. Say, you incur losses faced due to a failed investment. You’ll be able to avoid these losses by not making an investment in the first place. Maybe instead, you will know what to bet on based on what you see in the future.

However, there is another possibility that we cannot change the events that happen. On the flip side, knowing our futures can be a curse. If you are about to have negative things happen to you in the future, the wait might send us into a spiral of fear and create anxiety that might never go away. What if you are not successful in your efforts to build the life that you want? If we cannot change the future, it might give rise to apprehension when facing what is to come for us.

Knowledge of the future may cause us to behave a certain way. Instead of positive outcomes for the present, you may experience negative reactions, resulting in your life coming to a standstill. It would be like you are aboard a train that you know is going to be derailed, but there would be nothing we can do about it. Knowing the future takes away the essence of being alive. We look forward to a new day and have hopes and dreams that you may want to come true.

If the future cannot be changed, it might be a blessing in the sense that we will be able to prevent any negative events. If we know that something bad might happen to us, we will live in a constant state of misery. That is why knowing our futures can be a blessing and a curse. Most people will lean towards the negative aspect of it, and some may focus on the positive. It just depends on how we see it.

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